We provide cost effective, scalable and actionable advice and assessments as well as skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary resources to provide guidance and accompaniment in protecting your “crown jewels”.

Our MyRisk™ cybersecurity protection services include:


Access Control

  • User Account Revalidation
  • Service Provider Access Audit
  • Data Centre Physical Security and Environmental Controls Audit
  • Network Architecture / Network Segmentation Design and Audit
  • Identity and Authentication Management (IDAM) Design and Audit


  • Cyber Security Organisational Change Strategy and Plan
  • Security Awareness Training (LMS) Development
  • PCI-DSS Training

Data Security

  • Encryption Audit
  • Data Leakage Protection Design and Audit

Information Protection Processes

  • Secure Baseline Development
  • Change and Configuration Management Audit
  • Backup and Recovery Audit
  • Incident Response Plans
  • Human Resource Security

Protective Technology

  • Security Incident and Event Management / Logging and Monitoring Design and Audit